Certification Credentials for Employees of Career-Oriented Higher Education Institutions
Awarded By
Career Education Colleges and Universitie

The Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) credential recognizes employees of career-oriented institutions who strive for excellence in their respective positions.

Certified professionals receive a digital certificate with an embedded open badge to share and showcase their achievements. Participating institutions are provided with digital recognition seals to demonstrate and display their commitment to excellence.

Certification Based On
Customizable Training Not Standardized Testing

Career-oriented institutions seek to employ and develop knowledgeable and skillful employees to support and achieve their missions. Specialized employee training enables institutions to develop high-achieving, compliant, and ethical employees to better serve students. The CHEP certification is awarded to employees who complete forty-eight hours of approved training in their job function area. Approved training programs provide relevant competency-based course options for each CHEP concentration area to meet the needs of the institution and the individual. Training participants must successfully pass each selected course to earn the CHEP certification.

Certification Based On
Performance Enhancement Not Degree Level

Career-oriented institutions offer a wide range of postsecondary educational programs, from short-term certificates to doctoral and professional degrees. Each hiring institution has its own degree requirements for its faculty, staff and management. Employee degree requirements vary depending on the educational level offered by the institution, organizational philosophy of the institution, the requirements of the governing state and professional licensing bodies as well as the applicable accreditation standards. Institutions are encouraged to provide the CHEP certification opportunity to employees at all degree levels to maximize employee performance across the board.

Certification Based On
Professional Excellence Not Work Experience

The CHEP certification recognizes employees at all experience levels who strive for excellence in their respective positions. Institutions are encouraged to provide the CHEP certification opportunity to their newly hired employees to better prepare them for their functional positions.

Continuing Education Based On
Knowledge Expansion Not Job Function

Although the CHEP certification is awarded in a specific concentration area, CHEPs can maintain their certification status by completing eight hours of continuing education annually from any of the approved training areas. This provides the opportunity for CHEPs to expand their knowledge base beyond their job function areas and remain current on new developments in the field.